17 best Christmas Movies for Kids to Binge on Christmas Eve


Christmas is all about family and cherishing the moments spent together! For many households, nothing encapsulates their holiday spirit like watching classic Christmas movies. From snuggling up with a cozy blanket to sipping hot cocoa while relaxing on the couch, there’s something special about spending quality time enjoying festive films as a unit. Whether it’s an old-time favorite or something fresh from this year, every family has its own tradition when it comes to making their Christmas Eve extra magical! Look no further if you’ve been searching for the perfect Christmas movie to watch with your kids. From the heartwarming classics to the hilarious modern hits, these 17 best Christmas movies for kids will make your holiday season more fun and exciting.

With family night around the corner and popcorn strings freshly popped, it’s time to grab those juice boxes and whatever Clif Bars you have on hand for a festive movie marathon with some of the best Christmas movies ever made! Kids’ holiday films are perfect for gathering up everyone. So settle down and enjoy these top-rated Christmas movies that your entire family will love. Let your kids snuggle up in their PJs and get ready for a fun-filled Christmas Eve movie night.

Best Kids Christmas Movies To Binge With Family:

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022):

IMDb Ratings: 6.1/10

This Christmas classic is a timeless tale of redemption and joy. Starring Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Scrooge himself, and all the beloved characters from the Charles Dickens novel, this film follows Scrooge’s journey from grouchy old miser to joyous Christmas fan! You thought Spirited would be the only musical Dickens adaptation of 2022? Wrong!

What makes this one so special?  Step into a world where the music moves you. Theater luminary and Oscar-winning composer Leslie Bricusse has reimagined classic songs such as “Goldfinger” and “You Only Live Twice,” creating an unforgettable soundtrack for this adaptation.

Home Alone (1990):

IMDb Ratings: 7.5/10

This beloved Christmas chronicles follows an 8-year-old boy, Kevin McCallister, who accidentally left behind at home when his family goes on vacation for the holidays. With two bumbling burglars trying to break in and having a whole house to himself, it is up to Kevin’s resourcefulness, wits, and tricks to outwit the burglar duo. With its hilarious scenes and sweet ending, this movie will surely become one of your family’s all-time favorites!

The Polar Express (2004):

IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10

This family-friendly classic Christmas movie will make your kids believe in the magic of Santa Claus! Based on the children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg, this film follows a boy who takes a train ride to the North Pole, where he meets Santa Clause and learns about the power of imagination and belief. The gorgeous animation, heartwarming story, and genius voice acting make this movie a real classic.

Elf (2003):

IMDb Ratings: 6.9/10

This holiday comedy starring Will Ferrell is an absolute classic! Buddy (Will Ferrell) is an oversized elf who embarks on a journey to New York City in search of his true identity and father, only to discover that he’s not actually an elf! Along the way, he learns about the spirit of Christmas and teaches everyone around him how to embrace it!

Kids will be delighted by Buddy’s innocence through this festive fable as he discovers human culture. The impeccable cast includes James Caan, Bob Newhart, Ed Asner, Mary Steenburgen and Zooey Deschanel – making it the perfect movie for families to enjoy together during the holidays!

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

IMDb Ratings: 7.9/10

This stop-motion classic animated Christmas movie from the director of The Corpse Bride and Coraline follows Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloween Town who discovers Christmas Town and decides to take over as Santa Clause! With its unique visuals, captivating plots, and an iconic soundtrack by Danny Elfman, this is definitely one of the best Christmas movies for kids. Be sure to watch it with the family and get into the holiday spirit! Tim Burton’s beloved poem comes to life in this enchanting Christmas movie featuring Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown.

Seeking a bit of excitement in his otherwise monotonous routine around Halloween, he embarks on an adventure and discovers Christmastown! Desperate for something new and exciting back home in Halloweentown, even kidnapping Santa Claus seems like a viable option for him! Enjoy the perfect mix of frightful fun with the festive cheer that this delightful movie has to offer.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965):

IMDb Ratings: 8.1/10

This classic Christmas TV special has become an integral part of the Holiday season. Charlie Brown and his beloved friends embark on a journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas, including getting a fir tree for their school play and learning all about faith, hope, and love from Linus. This timeless Christmas story will surely become a family favorite. It is on Apple TV.

A Boy Called Christmas Movies

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Join Nikolas on a thrilling excursion to the icy north as he travels to locate his father, who left in search of an elusive elf village. With Blitzen, his feisty steed and faithful mouse, by his side, Nikolas will discover whether Christmas magic truly exists in this Netflix original holiday movie for kids!

As they journey through this thrilling adventure, viewers witness many moving moments throughout the movie. Ultimately, this film highlights how it is important to cherish Christmas with your loved ones no matter the difficulties you may face.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994):

IMDb Ratings: 7.9/10

This remake of the 1947 classic follows a cynical corporate executive’s daughter who is convinced her mother’s love for Christmas and Santa Claus is a pure fantasy until an old man claiming to be Kris Kringle steps into their lives. Soon, he helps transform local holiday traditions by attempting. to prove he is the real Santa at Macy’s famous Christmas parade. This movie will melt hearts with its charming story and captivating performances.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992):

IMDb Ratings: 7.8/10

This unique retelling of the timeless Christmas classic Muppet Christmas Carol features Kermit the Frog and his fellow Muppets as they bring Charles Dickens’ story to life! With a star-studded cast including Michael Caine, this movie is a heartwarming tale of redemption that blends music, fantasy, and comedy. This movie will surely get kids in a festive mood as they cheer for Scrooge’s redemption and is even on the list of one of the favorite kids’ Christmas movies.

8 Bit Christmas (2019)

IMDb Ratings: 6.7/10

This Netflix original has a unique twist as it follows two 8-bit video game characters on their journey to save Christmas from the evil Dr. Robotnik! Packed with classic retro video games, music, and themes, this movie is sure to be an instant hit in any family who loves Christmas movies.

Reimagined for Millennials, 10-year-old Jake Doyle’s holiday saga is an ode to the ’80s. When his parents refused to purchase a Nintendo Entertainment System for him on Christmas day, Jake and his friends ventured off in search of one – creating a quest that would become renowned as the stuff of legends.

The Star

IMDb Ratings: 6.5/10

In this animated version of the story of Christmas, a small donkey, Bo, and his animal friends, embark on an extraordinary journey to save the newborn king. With voice talents from Oprah Winfrey and Kristin Chenoweth, this movie will captivate kids and adults alike! As they journey to Bethlehem, viewers will be mesmerized by the movie’s captivating visuals and thoughtful message of hope.

The Santa Clause (1994):

IMDb Ratings: 6.1/10

This Christmas classic stars Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a divorced dad who accidentally causes Santa to fall off his roof and is faced with an ultimatum: take on the role of the new Santa or face a Christmas without presents. This movie is packed with laugh-out-loud moments and heartwarming family dynamics that will keep kids entertained throughout its runtime. Filled with Christmas magic and plenty of holiday cheer, The Santa Clause is an absolute must-watch for any child – regardless of age.

Holiday Rush

IMDb Ratings: 6.1/10

This Netflix original follows a wealthy radio DJ, Rush Williams, and his four children who must learn to work together as a family after their father’s untimely death leaves them in desperate need of money. In this holiday movie, a family who had a life of luxury suddenly finds themselves having to change their lifestyle. Together they discover the importance of Christmas and family traditions while scrambling to save the station. Kids will love watching this film and will be able to relate to the characters’ hardships.

Frosty the Snowman (1969):

IMDb Ratings: 6.7/10

This classic holiday special is a must-watch for any kid on Christmas Eve as a family movie night! The story follows Frosty, an old silk hat that comes alive and befriends a group of children. As they explore the magical world of Christmas, viewers are treated to catchy songs and beautiful animation. This movie will leave kids believing in the magic of Christmas!

Curious George: A Very Money Christmas (2009):

IMDb Ratings: 6.8/10

Based on the beloved children’s book series, these Christmas movies follows George and his monkey friends as they explore the wonders of Christmas. Kids will love watching Curious George get into mischief as he experiences Christmas’s joys. With plenty of laughs and holiday cheer, this movie is sure to be a hit for any family.

Christmas Spirit (2013):

IMDb Ratings: 6.5/10

In this heartwarming movie, a young girl discovers the power of believing in Santa Clause and uses that belief to reconnect with her estranged father. This movie is perfect for families who want to watch something uplifting – as it will remind everyone just how special the holidays can be. Kids will relate to the main character’s struggles and appreciate her determination to make things right.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol(1983):

IMDb Ratings: 7.7/10

Everyone’s favorite mouse takes part in a retelling of the classic tale – A Christmas Carol. Mickey stars as Bob Cratchit, while Scrooge McDuck plays the stage as Ebenezer Scrooge. With memorable characters and catchy music, kids will adore this classic kid Christmas movie.

What is the best Christmas movie for a family?

The answer to this question will ultimately depend on your family’s tastes and preferences, as there are a number of different Christmas movies that can cater to all types of audiences when it comes to what makes good Christmas movies. Some great classic Christmas films for families include this Christmas journey The Santa Clause (1994), Frosty the Snowman (1969), Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas (2009), and Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983). Whether you’re looking for a movie filled with laughs, heartwarming moments, or a bit of holiday magic, these films are sure to be a hit with both parents and kids alike.

No matter which Christmas movie you pick, the important thing is to spend quality time together as a family and enjoy the joy of the holiday season. So, sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy an amazing Christmas movie night with your family! Merry Christmas!

Which are the top Kids animated Christmas Movies?

The top kids’ animated Christmas movies are undoubtedly Elf, The Polar Express, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. All three movies are beloved by children and adults alike and have become holiday classics in their own right.

Elf is a hilarious and heartwarming movie about a man who learns he is actually an elf and sets off on a journey to find his father in the North Pole. The Polar Express is an enchanting story about a boy who takes a magical train ride to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. And A Charlie Brown Christmas is a touching tale that teaches the true meaning of Christmas. These three movies are sure to get you into the holiday spirit!

Which are the best kids’ Christmas movies on Netflix?

There are plenty of great Christmas movies on Netflix that both children and adults can enjoy this holiday season. Here are some of the best kids’ Christmas films available on Netflix right now:

The Grinch (2018):

If you’re looking for a more modern version of Dr Seuss’ classic tale about a grumpy green creature determined to steal Christmas from Whoville, this movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch fits the bill perfectly!

With eye-popping visuals and innovative storytelling techniques, it’s sure to be a hit with younger viewers and older fans. Plus, its beloved songs will have your entire family singing along in no time!

A Christmas Prince (2017):

This romantic comedy tells the story of Amber Moore (Rose McIver), an American journalist sent overseas to get the scoop on a mysterious prince who may be next in line for his country’s throne–and her life is forever changed when she meets him in person! In addition to its rom-com elements, it also features some snow-filled scenes set against beautiful European backdrops that make it the perfect way for kids to feel Christmasy vibes during any season.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964):

One of Rankin/Bass Productions’ most popular claymation works ever made was produced with stop motion technology over 50 years ago–but it still captures children’s imaginations today with its adorable characters and a singalong soundtrack featuring iconic songs like “Rudolph” and “Holly Jolly Christmas”.

Rudolph manages to defeat all sorts of adversity through teamwork with good friends Hermey (the elf) Yukon Cornelius & Bumble making this TV special timelessly heartwarming & agelessly entertaining every Holiday Season when you watch it together as a family or alone because you remember fond memories surrounding its viewing each prior Yuletide Celebrations.


A family movie night is perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit! Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming story, an action-filled adventure, or some classic Christmas cheer, plenty of great kids’ Christmas movies are available on Netflix. So snuggle up with your loved ones and get ready to enjoy a magical holiday experience!

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